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Simon Dominic
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140992 Despite being the second youngest out of the members, you took on the role of the leader of the group. You’ve faced so many hardships before debut and even after debut at such a young age. Through your experience as an idol, you’ve been met with nothing but criticism and judgment, yet you absorb them and learn from them to shape yourself into the leader you are now. Countless complications have been set before you, but you have constantly picked yourself up, not only for yourself, but for Block B as a whole. You are passionate for making music and you have so much faith in Block B. BBCs and Block B love you more than you can imagine and we thank you so much for pouring your heart and soul into your music and staying strong. Thank you for taking pride in Block B and fighting along their side. Thank you for never forgetting about us. You are truly an inspirational, talented, and dedicated artist, and we couldn’t imagine anyone more suited to be Block B’s leader. ♡ Happy Birthday, Woo Jiho aka 지코
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"Eat shit, I don't care whether you try tobring me down or talk behind my back."
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